Why, What & How| Accessible And Affordable Healthcare For Workers

Blue-collar workers form the backbone of every business. They put in long hours and work wholeheartedly to help the organization achieve its growth objectives. It is, therefore, the responsibility of the employers to ensure the complete well-being of their workers. While providing them better wages and working conditions is one aspect of the issue, making quality healthcare more accessible to the blue-collar workers is equally important. But sadly, not a lot of options are available in the market which can cater to the healthcare requirements of the workers as well as their families.

While the white-collar employees are able to subscribe to any of the available health insurance plans in the market, the blue-collar workers face an uphill battle. They are unable to get a comprehensive health insurance cover for their families and, as such, have to contend with whatever treatment they can afford with their limited resources.

Need For Customized Health Products For Low-Income Workers

There is a huge gap in the market when it comes to customized healthcare solutions for these workers. The focus for typical healthcare solutions has been on an independent layer of insurance or outpatient services, or healthcare loans and has failed to take into account the severity of the real situation of workers and the varied needs that come out of it. As a result, the workers are faced with many problems like: –

Unaffordable Healthcare

Inability to afford quality healthcare treatment at private hospitals. As a result, they are left at the mercy of government hospitals, where getting admission in itself is a huge challenge in major cities.

Debt Trap

In most cases, the workers have to borrow money from private moneylenders to pay for the treatment cost as well as to purchase medicines. As they are unable to serve these high interest rates, they are pushed towards a debt trap that can wreak havoc on their financial situation.

No Regular Check-Ups

Regular health check-ups can highlight any issues that a worker or a family member is suffering from. Most of these ailments can be cured through OPD consultations. This can prevent any need for hospitalization for treatments. But due to lack of knowledge and lack of money, they avoid going for regular check-ups and end up aggravating the problem.

No Reimbursement For Absence

Another major issue that blue collar workers face in absence of a proper healthcare plan is the loss of income for the duration of leave. The employers will not be paying the salary for the days that the worker has taken the leave for, if all their available leave provisions have been exhausted. This results in significant financial distress for them.

Healthcare Requirements Of The Workers

The healthcare requirements of the blue-collar workers vary significantly according to their trade, age, and working conditions. The living conditions at home is also an important factor. Some of the most important healthcare requirements that the blue-collar workers have are:

  • Comprehensive health insurance coverage at a reasonable cost
  • Cashless hospitalization facility
  • Reimbursement against the loss of wages due to hospitalization
  • Taking care of the pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization expenses.
  • Regular medical check-ups for self, spouse, kids, and/or parents.
  • Affordable rates for diagnostic tests.
  • Access to affordable credit facilities to plug any coverage gaps

Customized Healthcare Solutions For Workers

In order to empower the blue-collar workers with access to comprehensive healthcare solutions, Entitled Solutions has come up with a unique healthcare plan in partnership with Care Insurance. Care Insurance is a leading name in the insurance industry and is at the forefront of offering affordable healthcare plans for blue collar workers. This single healthcare offering from Entitled Solutions takes care of all end-to-end health requirements of the workers. The product inclusions are as follows: –

Comprehensive Health Insurance

Workers are being provided with floater plans with coverage ranging between INR 1 Lakh to INR 3 lakhs covering their entire family. Pre and post-hospitalization expenses will also be taken care of under these plans and workers would not need a medical check-up to enroll.

Pre-approved Medical Loans

To enable the workers to take care of any coverage gaps, the product comes with a pre-approved credit limit varying between 2x to 5x of the monthly salary.

Doctor Consultations

Workers will be able to avail unlimited online consultations with specialists for up to 6 family members. The facility is available in 7 vernacular languages across call, video call, and WhatsApp.


Discounts up to 20% are being offered on the purchase of medicines, along with up to 30% discount on diagnostic tests are built into the product as well.

The gap in the healthcare services available for blue-collar workers is significant. With the availability of such customized healthcare solutions, workers can now ensure better health for themselves as well as for their family members without burning a hole in their pockets.

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