Impact Story: When grit and determination determine your Financial freedom


Sana Qureshi, a 23-year-old young woman, has seen so many ups and downs in her life that only through her sheer grit and determination has she been able to emerge as a “survivor.” Born in a lower-middle-class family of Ghatkopar, Mumbai, Sana lived with her parents and three siblings until all of a sudden, her mother passed away. After passing away of her mother at a young age, Sana looked up to her grandmother for advice and guidance.

Sana’s father got her married while she was in her teens; as a result, she could only complete her education till secondary school. Her husband runs a small shoe store of his own.

Sana’s Story

After marriage, she continued taking care of both her paternal home and matrimonial home, simultaneously, to the best of her abilities. In order to improve the financial condition of the family, she decided to start working as well and managed to convince her husband for the same as well. But she was not sure as to what kind of opportunities she should explore. One day, she got something from the market, which was wrapped in a newspaper by the shopkeeper. She saw the advertisement from Care24 and decided to explore this opportunity.

She approached the Care24 team and fixed an appointment for an interview. After clearing the interview, she started working as a professional caregiver with Care24. She has now been working with Care24 for the last five years now.

Sana’s Problem

Just when things started looking upwards for Sana, tragedy struck her family once again. Her father was taken seriously ill, and the government hospital did not have the required treatment. As a result, he had to be shifted to a private hospital, but the high cost of treatment at the private hospital started burdening the family’s fickle financial situation. It is then that Sana started looking for a loan, but due to lack of knowledge and exposure to the credit market, she faced immense difficulties in obtaining the required loan.

Role of Entitled Solutions

When Sana discussed her situation with the Care24 team, they introduced her to Entitled Solutions. As this was the first time ever that she was taking a loan, she was extremely apprehensive. The team at Entitled helped her understand the repayment system and other important policies. She did avail the loan and managed to pay for the treatment of her father, without falling in the clutches of loan sharks. Thanks to her perseverance, she managed to repay the EMIs on time, even during COVID. This helped her improve her credit score, which ensured that she got a second loan quite easily, which she repaid as per the loan repayment schedule.

The financial freedom she got with the help of Entitled Solutions skyrocketed her confidence and gave her the motivation to work towards a better future for her kids. Now she has moved into her own independent rental accommodation with her husband and is enjoying her work with Care24 even more. 

“Hope is a really powerful feeling”, and this is what exactly Entitled Solutions have given Sana and many more women like her, the hope for a better and more prosperous future.

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