Comprehensive Health Insurance Cover For Blue Collar Workers

When it comes to health insurance coverage, the problem of underinsurance is rampant with blue-collar workers. While the white-collar workers have all the means and resources to get a suitable health care plan for their families, the blue-collar workers are left wanting in this regard. Despite being essential for smooth operations of companies, till now, their health insurance needs were not being met at the desired level.

Now, finally, with the introduction of the Comprehensive Health Membership, Entitled Solutions is on a mission to make affordable health insurance accessible to all deserving workers. 

About the Comprehensive Health Membership

This exclusive health membership empowers blue-collar workers to handle any type of medical emergency efficiently. Whether it be hospitalization expenses, pre-and post-hospitalization care, online consultations, discounts on medicines, and lab tests, all aspects of health insurance are effectively taken care of. Moreover, the workers will be able to avail interest-free and/or low-interest loans to take care of any important expenses concerning their or their family’s healthcare requirements in addition to cashless claim settlement at partner hospitals. Available at a nominal monthly charge, this comprehensive health membership lets all the blue-collar workers avail the best healthcare facilities without exerting any unnecessary strain on their financial position.

Salient Features of the Comprehensive Health Membership

  • Medical Loan Card: The medical loan card will be provided to all the individuals who sign-up for the Comprehensive Health Membership. To determine the eligibility of an individual worker for the medical loan, alternate data is used for credit assessment. This approach enables workers to avail credit facilities for healthcare requirements which would not be available to them under traditional credit methods. The medical loan card entitled the workers to some noteworthy benefits like:
    • Instant access to pre-approved credit limits for medical and healthcare expenses. The available limit ranges between 2x to 5x of the monthly salary. 
    • One card covers the healthcare requirements of the complete family. 
    • Repayment of healthcare expenses in easy EMIs over a period of up to 36 months. 
    • Medical loans with 0% interest at more than 650 partner hospitals. 
    • Medical loans at nominal interest rates at non-partner hospitals. 
  • Comprehensive Health Insurance: The health insurance available with the Comprehensive Health Membership takes care of all the hospitalization expenses along with pre-and post-hospitalization care. Some of the standout features of health insurance include:
    • Floater insurance policy ranging between Rs. 1,00,000 to Rs. 3,00,000 in coverage for up to 4 family members, i.e., self, spouse, and two kids. 
    • No pre-medical check-up is required for the policy.
    • Zero co-pay requirement for the subscribers
    • Cashless claim settlement at more than 7000+ partner hospitals. 
    • Reimbursement for pre-and post-hospitalization care of up to 30 and 60 days, respectively. 
    • Up to Rs. 1,000/- reimbursement for ambulance charges per hospitalization.
  • Online Doctor Consultations: The Comprehensive Health Membership provides insured workers with unlimited online free consultations with renowned doctors. Some of the standout features of the benefits being:
    • Online consultations in 7 vernacular languages.
    • Coverage for the entire family (up to 6 members.)
    • Consultations over a phone call, WhatsApp, or video call.
  • Excellent Discounts: In order to take care of the out-of-pocket expenses of the policyholder, the Comprehensive Health Membership provides excellent discounts on medicines and diagnostic tests.
    • Up to 30% discount on laboratory tests at Thyrocare labs across India.
    • Up to 20% discount on medicine purchase at Apollo Pharmacy and

With membership starting from Rs. 175+ GST, the Comprehensive Health Membership from Entitled Solutions, has made quality healthcare affordable for all hard-working blue-collar workers. 

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